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Social Media and Sport – 2013 Predictions


Oggi voglio postarvi un interessantissimo articolo che ho trovato nel mio quotidiano “setaccio” della rete. L’articolo è ripreso da Uk Sport Network e ci mostra le previsioni per il 2013 nel mondo dei social media collegati allo sport.

Ecco a voi l’articolo:

It’s that time of year again where we take a look into our crystal balls to predict what trends need to be kept an eye on over this next year.  Last year we were lucky enough to have a wide variety of people offering their predictions for 2012, many of which were ones we saw come true.

Some of the highlights of these insights were areas such as the live streaming of training sessions and press conferences becoming more the norm. This has come true with the likes of The FA streaming training sessions when the England squad get together, also Man City with their “Tunnel Cam” and QPR using Livestream to showcase their press conferences.  There are many other examples of this outside the UK and is something fans have come to enjoy and now even expect.

Two other areas that were mentioned a few times were Mobile optimisation and Big Data.  This was in a time when ‘datatainment’ hadn’t been mentioned by Richard Ayers yet (how long before it enters the Oxford English Dictionary?) and we were entering the next in a line of ‘this is the year of the mobile’.  But this time it has become a very true statement.  The biggest growth factors seen by all social networks was on mobile (including tablet) as people move away from PC’s and to easier, quicker ways of accessing their favourite sites.  Below are the links to the full predictions from a year ago…

So now we move onto 2013 and we ponder what the next 12 months hold for the industry.

Before we get to our experts, who have been handpicked to take part in this years stargaze, I’m going throw my own ideas out there for you to think about – and maybe disagree with.  I know we’re not going to get everything 100% spot on but we are going to take a good, educated guess.

For me the main thing that I have seen and expect the trend to continue is the maturation of the industry.  By this I mean that we have seen a significant move away from PR activities, those quick hits which have little long term benefit, and also a long overdue move away from what we call ‘vanity metrics’ (likes, comments, views, etc).  Businesses and clubs are starting to look more seriously at the industry as they moe to becoming more of a ‘social business’.

Most of top clubs, NGB’s and brands now have dedicated resource in place for social media and these people are taking it to the next level.  The majority are very intelligent and experienced with an increasing say on what the strategy is going to be, and then implementing it.   As a greater understanding of how social media fits in with business objectives (this can include fan engagement and not just financial) we will see more resource being put into the areas.

Another area I see a demand for soon is that of aggregator platforms – or social hubs.  We see so many platforms now that those in charge are looking at the role of each and how these can come together in a way in which it is easy for fans to digest.  I was close to implementing this for a recent campaign and am sure would have been a great success.  What you see is fantastic ‘stickiness’ as people use them primarily around events to get a better picture of what is happening.  It’s something I’ve touched on before as an early prediction for 2013.

That’s is enough from me for now.  I’ll be writing up more of my thoughts on what is coming, including a deeper look at business objectives and that move away from vanity metrics.

Here are the thoughts of some of the most widely respected thought-leaders in digital sport”.

Allora come giudicate queste previsioni? Interessanti, no?

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